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Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1) - Kiersten White 3.5 stars, originally published at Winged Reviews.

I avoided this book for a long time because of the cover. The cover invoked a certain mood, and I was sure the book was going to be dark, slightly depressing tale with a lovelorn heroine. And I wasn’t really in that mood. I think it was the odd expression on the cover girl’s face that really turned me off.

However, after going on sale for 99p in the Kindle Christmas sale, I was extremely pleased to find that inside instead was a humourous, paranormal story about Evie, a girl working at the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA). Adopted by the Agency, her main duties involve ‘tagging’ paranormals—werewolves, vampies, the odd hag—as she seems to be the only person with the ability to see through their glamour or disguises. Evie was a great heroine, completely realistic in her self-preservation instincts and fully teenage in her need to break free and be normal.

Encountering the different paranormals was part of the fun. There was so much variety in the characters and what they were, I can’t wait to see what others appear as the rest of the series goes on. I love that Evie’s best friend was a mermaid and they managed to have a great relationship even though they could only interact through glass. I found Evie’s fairie ex, Reth, just the right combination of handsome and creepy. Most of all, I really liked Lend.

Evie and Lend’s relationship is really refreshing. It was very natural (in this supernatural world), just spending time together, then slowly falling for each other. No love at first sight, it was just a regular teenage crush that eventually developed. I liked that he could shape shift, but she’s the only one who can see through it to his ‘real face’. It was poetic and sweet.

However, I was frustrated by the fact that many things weren’t fully explained by the end of the book. Although I understand there are two more books in the series, I think it ended quite abruptly. Characterisation was also a little light, and while I liked most of the characters, I didn’t love any of them. I would’ve enjoyed a little more development in the rest of the supporting cast. It felt a little unfinished but it did keep me wanting to read more, so will definitely picking up Supernaturally. A solid, fun read.