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Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella I have to say another delightful and easy read by my personal favourite 'chick lit' author, Sophie Kinsella. In this installment, Becky is dealing with her maybe spoiled two-year old daughter Minnie, the financial crisis preventing her from shopping and planning a once in a lifetime surprise birthday party for husband Luke.

As before, the book includes the same mixture of humour (mostly in the form of Becky's correspondence and crazy ideas, i.e. shipping clothing in boxes marked 'Office Paper'), heart (a second baby, an estranged mother-in-law) and of course, shopping (a bartered Miu Miu bag and a beautiful Valentino evening gown make an apperance).

In fact, what I did find a little jarring about the book was the sheer number of sub-plots. On the one hand, Minnie is being a handful--she covets mannequins and screams for Starbucks) so they hire a nanny, and then an ultimate TV nanny when that doesn't work out. On the other hand, Luke and Becky are desperate to buy a house so they can move out of her parents, but that keeps getting jinxed. She is also trying to convince Luke to have a second baby, handling a new personal shopping service at work and secretly taking Minnie to meet her other grandmother, Elinor. The last half of the book then mostly deals with a surprise birthday party for Luke and this involves being friends with his PA, bartering clothes, and somehow getting all her family and friends quite upset with her until the situation, naturally, manages to all work itself out.

All in all, so much happens (and additionally the set-up for the new book, Shopaholic in Hollywood, if I read in between the lines correctly) that by the end, you don't get the same satisfaction I've always had previously when Becky manages to charm her way out of the situation. That said, I enjoyed it and it really is a great choice for a fun, light and fast read.