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Hide & Seek - Aimee Laine Also on Winged Reviews

Thank you to J. Taylor Publishing and the Read to Review programme on Goodreads for a review copy of the book!

For anyone that enjoys a mythology-tinged romance, then this is definitely the book for them. I really liked the concept of the story, but I'm not sure I liked the story itself. I felt there was a lot of potential and the writing was beautiful, but something was missing.

Tripp Fox and Lexi Shephard are the proverbial Fox and Hound (the mythological Teumessian Fox and Laelaps) who have abilities bestowed upon them by Zeus. Tripp is the fox that can't be caught, and Lexi is the dog that always catches her prey. They are each other's diametrically opposite match and due to the nature of their mutually excluding abilities they aren't ever meant to meet. However, by accident (or fate), they do meet and fall in love, and try to break the cycle.

I loved the mythology, but wish it was explored further in the book. Everyone took Lexi and Tripp's abilities as given, with mentions of Zeus every now and then, but the book never went into great detail. I would've loved to know why he granted these abilities and how the gifted are chosen, etc. All it really told you was that there were other people with the abilities and there was one older couple they met who managed to make the relationship work. Perhaps the next books in the series will reveal more.

I liked Tripp and Lexi as characters individually—both were strong-minded, driven, a little reckless and loyal to their friends and family. Where I struggled a bit was their romance. I didn't feel like they had a lot of chemistry, almost as if they convinced each other (or at least, Tripp kept badgering Lexi) to be together. They were constantly telling themselves they loved each other, but throughout the book, I wasn't that convinced.

The supporting cast was great, however. Ian, Tripp's best friend and Emma, Lexi's sister were great, well-rounded characters who offered a lot of advice, support and comic relief. Marge and Fergs, as the older couple who acted like mentors to Tripp and Lexi were wonderful and I really enjoyed them. The house, an old farm house that Lexi had always wanted to buy and Tripp eventually did, also seemed to have a character of its own and was instrumental in their relationship. Sometimes though, I felt like they loved the house more than each other! The plot had a lot of twists and turns, but I felt that most of it was extraneous and I just wanted to hurry on and read about how Lexi and Tripp were going to get around the situation they were in.

What ultimately saved it for me was the ending. I was absolutely enthralled, probably because it was extremely romantic and I have been watching a lot of a UK TV show called 'Don't Tell The Bride'. In the show, the couple get £12,000 to spend on a wedding with one catch—the groom has to plan every detail (including picking the dress). Not to give away too much, but those weddings are almost always a disaster, but the one at the end of Hide and Seek most certainly wasn't and really had me swooning.

The book wrapped up nicely and works well as a stand alone story, so I may or may not be picking up the sequels, but any romance fan should definitely give it a try.