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When the Siren Calls - Tom  Barry I was intrigued at first by the concept of this book, especially the notion of an older woman escaping to Italy for an affair. However, I would probably describe this as semi-erotica for several reasons. Firstly, it took far too long to get the premise of the book, the hook that was promised in the synopsis. Secondly, the book was focused too much on the issues to do with the business that the romance took a back seat. I knew a lot more about holiday home scams than who Jay actually is.

The characters were far too unlikable to get into the story. There are no redeeming qualities about Jay, who seems content to be a lothario and unethical at business. The sex scenes were lukewarm at best. No real chemistry between any of the characters and while there were a couple of shock scenarios thrown in, they tended to 'fade out'. I personally won't be reading the sequel and if you're looking for a captivating erotica book, this isn't for you.