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The Lost Prince  - Julie Kagawa 4.5 stars, originally published on Winged Reviews.

I was pained Julie Kagawa’s superb series The Iron Fey ended last year, especially because the last book The Iron Knight, was so good. It was like saying goodbye to a very good friend, seeing off Grimalkin, Ash and more importantly Puck, prankster of my heart.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was about this new series, Call of the Forgotten, starring Meaghan’s brother. In The Lost Prince, Ethan Chase is no longer a little boy and has grown up irritated by and resentful of faeries. With his sight, they just won’t leave him alone and he hasn’t forgiven them for essentially taking his big sister away from him. However, when a fairy comes to him for help, he reluctantly journeys to the Nevernever to find his sister and to put a stop to what’s happening.

The world that Kagawa built in The Iron Fey series is so rich with strange characters and spooky locations and this book is no exception. The new villains for this book were previously hinted at and hopefully without spoiling too much, they are extremely creepy and really well thought out.

The characters are fantastic. I didn’t think I would like Ethan from the start, but I immediately did. I don’t normally enjoy angst but I felt that Ethan’s reasons for it were real. I actually thought he handled himself with maturity given everything that was thrown at him. Plus, he does Kali, a Filipino martial art (quick shout out to Kagawa for including some Filipino culture)! Maybe this time, I did like the broody bad-boy.

Despite popular opinion, I also really liked Kenzie, a classmate of Ethan’s who turns out to be a much needed breath of fresh air. I loved The Iron Fey series, but I had some issues with Meaghan as a main character. Kenzie on the other hand, is fabulous. She’s fearless, witty and has a great sense of adventure. Her and Ethan develop a real friendship and I enjoyed the moments between them, from the teasing to the tenderness.

An added bonus to this book is that you will come across some very familiar faces (!) and an outstanding new character best left unmentioned.

In short, the book is action-packed, filled with exciting adventure and a wonderful mix of old and new characters. If you like fairies and fantasy, then I highly recommend this book. You don’t have to have read the original series to enjoy this one, but you certainly will love it a lot more if you did.