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Starcrossed  - Josephine Angelini 3.5 stars, originally published at Winged Reviews.

Starcrossed was really enjoyable as a mythology retelling. There was enough that was familiar about it and reflected the source material, but it still created its own world with its own rules. What starts out as a story about an ordinary girl trying discover who she is, turns into an eon-spanning family feud. I loved the epic scale the book achieved, while set in windswept, sleepy Nantucket. I picked up the book not knowing too much about it and it helped. I was surprised and excited by each revelation.

While I loved the Delos family and the entire supporting cast of Nantucket island, I was very frustrated at Helen. I hated how she didn’t own up to her abilities and seemed burdened by her talents, and this was before she found out who she was and that there were people after her. Attitude wise, I just didn’t understand this side of her. She, in the end, did turn out to be a strong heroine, embracing her abilities and using them to protect the ones she loved. She was just annoyingly flaky to begin with.

That said, I liked Helen and Lucas as a couple. They had great chemistry and it felt like a relationship of equals. They both protected and taught each other, and shared those cool moments that you only get with a supernatural boyfriend (or are supernatural yourself). The revelation at the end about them was a little strange and frustrating, but it will definitely be interesting to see how they deal with it in the sequel.

Parts that didn’t work for me were Helen’s dream sequences. I think they enhanced the mood and they definitely made me feel like I was in a haze, but I didn’t enjoy reading them. Also, I thought the antagonists were rather distant and I’m looking forward to seeing them developed more (although the main one in this book I thought was rather stupid).

That said, I enjoyed reading through all the twists and the unfolding plot. I also highly approve of one character’s excellent name choice (*ahem*). I’m really looking forward to reading Dreamless!