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Supernaturally - Kiersten White Originally published at Winged Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series, Paranormalcy and I was looking forward to finding out more about Evie, Lend and the gang. Unfortunately, this book suffered from second book syndrome, where it struggles to find a balance between an interesting premise and great characters in the first book, and the eventual climax of the third. Supernaturally had some of the things I enjoyed about the first book, but just not enough.

Evie has left the IPCA and now attends high school like a normal girl (as normal as you can be living with a vampire). Lend has just started going to college, so Evie now finds it all a bit boring and when she gets called back by Raquel to do some ‘freelance work’ she jumps at the chance.

Enter Jack. Slightly too happy, very flirty, Jack is also employed by the IPCA due to his unique ability to be able to create fairy paths even though he’s human. He gains Evie’s friendship and they soon go on missions together and Jack starts getting a little close.

Of course Evie keeps this all from Lend, which puts a damper on their relationship. Sadly, Lend is a fantastic character and he wasn’t present through most of the book, which is probably why I didn’t enjoy it as much. Reth was sadly missing in spades as well.

Evie was her bubbly self, but she lacked a bit of the feistiness she showed when she was kicking ass and tagging paranormal creatures. It was also uncharacteristic of her not to confide in Lend, when he was the one person in her life she always felt would understand the situation, no matter how strange or weird.

The story, plot wise, was good and it kept me reading—I enjoyed spending more time in the fairy realm and I thought the plot went out with a bang. There was also a little bit more about Evie and her origins but I still felt like there was a lot left unexplained at the end of this book. All in all, it was disappointing because the series started off so great, but I’m still looking forward to a fantastic finale!